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We offer innovative online solutions through custom software development and via software products available via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Custom-made software provides your organization with a competitive advantage through the efficient use of technology.

Software Development

We offer a wide variety of custom-made software development services. A custom-made software application can provide you with an important competitive advantage by enabling you to increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs.

Web Site Development

We offer a web site management tool that will enable you to manage the content of your web site. No knowledge of programming is required to add new material to your site or to modify existing material. Our web site management tool will also enable you to create a bilingual or trilingual web site.

The web site that you are currently viewing is managed using our web site management tool.

We can perform all the steps required to put your web site online, from the registration of a domain name (ex. and its configuration to the promotion of your web site with search engines.

Contact us to try out our web site management tool.

Custom-Made Web Sites

If you require advanced features in your web site, such as a tool enabling you to put a catalogue of products online, we can create that tool according to your requirements and specifications.

Examples of advanced features we have created include our online survey service Interceptum. Another example is the Project Drive online project management software application we have developed for TGMT Systems Inc.

We can develop advanced features in an existing web site or integrate them to our web site management tool.

Database Development

If you need to store data, we can create a database and software application to access your data. We can also make your database accessible online via a web-based application.

Custom-Made Software Applications

We also offer software development services for the creation of classical software applications that run on the Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac platforms. For more information, please contact us